Dog Gone Good, LLC
Training & Behavior Modification  
Call Kelly O'Hara, CPDT-KA at (410) 241-8263                                                 


     Thank you for visiting Dog Gone Good, LLC for your animal training and behavioral needs for the health and well-being of your beloved pet. 

     Dog Gone Good, LLC currently offers the following classes:

  •      Puppy K with a Fear Free Touch
  •      Basic Training with a Fear Free Touch
  •      Individual Training  

     Puppy K (for ages 9 to 22 weeks - sign up  by the time your puppy is 17 weeks)

     Puppy K will teach:

     Socialization / Bite inhibition / Environmental enrichment / Daily routine /                     Confidence / Beginnings of basic commands / Positive experience association           and how to handle negative experiences / Conditioning to nail trimming /                   Positive experience association with veterinarian visits

     Basic Training (for ages 23 weeks and up)

     Basic Training will teach:

     Sit / Down / Here / Stay / Loose leash walking / Leave it / No jumping /                       Look at me / Environmental enrichment / Play time with basic agility /                         NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free) / Confidence / Positive experience association             with veterinarian visits

     Individual Training

       If you think your dog would learn better with individual training, call or e-mail me       to schedule an appointment.

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